Apartamentos Turísticos Alhambra

Alá Save Granada

Vista de Granada y su catedral al anochecer

Alá save Granada, that place of rest that brings joy to the fallen man and protects the man

exile (Abu Beker Mohammed)

Granada is a city of dreams located partly in hills and partly in the plain.

Three rivers, Beiro, Darro and Genil, form three valleys among which are two promontories.

The Albayzin (UNESCO) is located between the Darro and the Beiro. Between the Darro and the

Genil are the gardens and palaces of the Alhambra and the Generalife (wealth of the)


On the plain are its beautiful Cathedral and the fantastic Royal Chapel where are buried

the Catholic monarchs, Felipe el Hermoso and Juana la Loca; the Alcaicería (old Arabic market); o

Poultry of coal (only Andalusian alhóndiga preserved in its entirety in the Iberian Peninsula);

the monasteries of San Jerónimo, where lie the remains of the great captain and one of the

most important altarpieces in Spain, and the Cartuja with singular sacristy; and themajestic

Churches of San Juan de Dios, of Santos Justo y Pastor, of Santo Domingo with its

Monastery founded by the Catholic monarchs, Santa Ana where rests the Juan Latino black and

St. Peter and Paul, both with Mudejar coffered ceilings of great value and that youwill visit to the

While the Albayzín, where the monasteries of Santa Catalina is also of

Zafra, San Bernardo and the conception, with great ornamental wealth, among others.

We must not forget the civil buildings such as the Royal Hospital, founded by the Kings

Catholics and today seat of the University of Granada, important University foundedby Carlos V

in 1531 and where more than 80,000 pupils; the Royal Chancellery, built by order of

Charles V and today Court top of Justice of Andalusia, from where we will begin our

rides; the Casa de los Tiros, beautiful Palace whose facade exhibits the slogan “heart

send”mounted on a sword; the House of Castril, Manor House from the 16th century where it

It is situated the archaeological museum and place of beautiful legend; the Facultyof law, convent

Jesuit; the Royal higher school of San Bartolomé y Santiago in beautiful Renaissance building

whose first schoolboy came in 1649 and 10,000 students including Ministers, whichresided

poets, and for example, currently three members of the Council of State.

Also the streets. We have some, like the San Jerónimo Street, full of palaces

Renaissance. Others, like the carrera Darro finishing in the Paseo de los Tristes, which is

considered one of the most beautiful streets in the world. Again as the street offices where

walk on a typical Granadian paving enjoyed the beauty of the façades of the

Royal Chapel and the madrasa.

And squares. For example called Plaza Nueva, where in a single glance we see a large

Mannerist building as the Royal Chancellery, a beautiful Mudéjar building such as the Church of

Santa Ana and a thrilling Arab Tower as the Torre de la Vela. Or the Plaza de las Pasiegas

where we feel overwhelmed by the dazzling beauty of the facade of the Cathedral.Or the

of Bibrrambla, that invites you to sit down and have a peaceful coffee in the morning or a beer by the


Granada is the city of tapas. This appetizer serving in our city form

free when a drink is ordered in a bar. Tends to be so abundant that it is not uncommon to go to

lunch or, above all, to dinner, tapas since van not be repeating as called for the

drink. There are several areas but all triumphs of Plaza Nueva – calle Elvira.

In this area you will find bars and restaurants with typical food of the Earth: broad beans with ham,

crumbs, potatoes to the poor, oxtail, tortilla sacromonte, and the famous sweet called


But if you prefer to immerse themselves in a world more exotic, in that same area are several of

bars where take delicious kebab, shawarma and falafel.

Even more, if your choice is the you moruno, do not miss the boilermaking, street next where

you will find in an African atmosphere surrounded by shops and Arab tearooms. Even if you do not hear

speak Spanish, they understand you in your language.

Although perhaps you prefer something quieter, like taking a bath in a Hammam, Arabic bath,

also next to Plaza Nueva.

But we have not spoken of the current Granada. And what about contemporary buildings already in

full plain. CajaGranada headquarters and Museum of Andalusia, exposed as singular building

in same MOMA or the Science Park, the most visited of Andalusia and to make the

delight young and old.

Very important is the trade. Granada boasts to have a trade

extremely varied. You can find thousands of shops, from the brands more

famous to small shops where you will find even what wasn’t looking for. And the

antique dealers… And exhibition galleries. Granada has an important quarry of painters