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Cangas do Morrazo

If there is a place where visitors enjoy the many diverse attractions Morrazo Peninsula, that is Cangas.

Cangas do Morrazo is divided into five zones or parishes and each has something to offer:

Aldán parish offers beautiful beaches with seabed of great wealth and quality, hence to be described as “the Galician Caribbean”.

In Hío, parish located in the western end of the peninsula of Morrazo, small coves and large sandy mix is ​​where one of the most important Baroque cruzeiros kept in Galicia. It also has beautiful views over the sea and the Cies Islands.

Also the Darbo and Coiro parishes are forced walkways to enjoy the views of baroque churches and beautiful landscapes.

Moreover, in the center of Cangas we can use to meet its promenade surrounded by the Gardens of the signal, and its wealth of monuments highlighting the Ex-Collegiate Church of Santiago and the chapel of the Hospital, without also forgetting their noble houses and typical constructions popular architecture as the “houses of skate” or “Terreña home.”

Finally, mandatory stop is the multitude of bars and restaurants to enjoy the cuisine of the area and visiting the many festivals and cultural events held throughout the year in Cangas do Morrazo.