Apartamentos Turísticos Alhambra


To know Granada is a challenge. The Arab city and the Christian city. Its monuments, some as the most visited of Spain Alhambra. Its surroundings. Life within the city. Their Tapas. Its gastronomy. Its wines. Its oils. Its corners. Their culture. His music. His Flamenco. Its magnificent exhibitions of painting. Their cycles of conferences. Your body week. Its International Festival of music and dance (the oldest in Spain). Festivities of the Corpus. Holy week where is carried in procession the most beautiful pictures of baroque sculpture. The Sierra Nevada (with the highest peak of the peninsula) where ski anorak and its sea (Tropical coast). Its golf courses. Its caves. The Alpujarra. Bicycles. Horses. Paragliding. Canyoning. Scuba diving.
You fall in love with Granada.
If you can, and not a day‘s visit, we will help you to prepare your unforgettable trip.