Apartamentos Turísticos Alhambra

La Alhambra

Alhambra. Vista general desde el Albaicín.
It has said that the Alhambra is the most important Moorish monumental complex of few remain standing, being the most visited monument of Spain.

His name has been taken by cars, cities, shops, products and in general the word Alhambra is found in all parts of the world. Perhaps because his name is attached toa memory of beauty, sensuality, romance and mystery.

It is not surprising that we have taken that name for our apartments.

Arrival at the Alhambra (walking) is walking through forests that cooling to the traveller who, passing through several gates, the grenades, the justice (with beautiful legend), becomes an Esplanade where on one side is the Alcazaba and the other, the palaces.

Be sure to visit the Alcazaba and enjoy the view (and ring Bell if you can) in the Torre de la Vela, and take a stroll down by the garden of the Adarves or of the poets.

But if from the Esplanade through the beautiful door of wine, we have the spectacular mass of the Palace of Charles V who, despite being a building of unique beautyby placing a large circular courtyard in the square building, which is unprecedentedin the architecture of the Renaissance, probably isn’t in the right place for having stolen part to the palaces of the Alhambra. Be sure to watch it and if you have time go to a concert on your large patio.

Surrounding it we entered the palaces. Actually are three: that of the Meswar, where he worked high bureaucracy of the Kingdom, Comares, also called the Seraglio, and lions, called also of the harem.

First we can not forgive the oratory, with beautiful views to the Albayzin (discover our apartments from the balconies of the rooms we are going to visit), and where will the Cuarto Dorado, in whose courtyard you will find the monumental façade of the Palacio de Comares, Supreme manifestation of the Nasrid art.

Still surprised by so much magnificence, after a bend, is flooded with light, the beautiful Patio de los Arrayanes, where from one side, next to a fountain flowing water almost in silence, you can admire the enormous Tower of Comares which contains inside more noble and beautiful Alhambra Hall called Comares room, throne room orHall of Ambassadors since the Sultan exercised as such its functions under a very high roof, masterpiece of the Nasrid woodwork, where the seven heavens of the Muslim paradise are represented.

But still we have to enjoy the Palace of the Lions. Of bruces we stumble with its courtyard, one of the most beautiful and suggestive of the Alhambra, adorned with 124 slender columns of marble and two temples from which provides the source, supported by twelve lions, gives its name to the courtyard and the Palace. Four rooms surround it: the room of the Muqarnas, of Kings, Dos Hermanas and the Abencerrajes, this last with a tragic legend.

We have much to be seen as a poetic and romantic garden of Lindaraja, the Peinador de la Reina, and then, in the outdoor gardens, which surround the palatial complex and towers from which we have taken the name for our apartments: the peak, las Infantas, the captive…

From there we will move to the gardens and Palace of GeneralifeMore than oneday we just need to enjoy the Alhambra.